Welcome July 2017


Welcome July 2017

Welcome to the Ministry of Product

We work with individuals to turn ideas into businesses and legacies.

We work with individuals to turn ideas into working businesses and legacies. Write here...

We can be your guide on the road of turning ideas into companies.

We streamline your ideas and organize your existing project so that it can be much more cost effective to produced.

There are a lot of ways to fail when building a software project. The one you, the visionary, can control is focus. Many people believe they know exactly what they want until they try to build it. Then they start to build it and that is a very exciting step, to see your idea coming to life. This will produce more ideas. Those ideas change the focus and that changes the scope. Suddenly you are out of budget and this leaves you with a product you wish you could have done better.

The lesson: Don't use your development budget to sort out your idea.

This can be solved by being disciplined in the art of product development. That means that you have your idea reviewed and organized in such a way that the development can be done efficiently and with maximum effectiveness.


This is what we do.

Start with a conversation. There will be aspects of your idea that are overlooked. We will work with you to think it through. Then we will help you to make your idea as easy to explain as possible. This could be an elevator pitch, a slide presentation, user stories, wireframe drawing or even artistic compositions.

We then want to help you to pick the right development team for the job and help you setup the processes you need to maintain the projects health from beginning to end.


Why us?

Ministry Of Product formed from more than a decade of experience building web, mobile, and mapping applications as Pugetworks Inc. The problem we encountered on every project was that our time is expensive. If the project was not thought through then budgets were broken and the project would lose momentum. Were tired of this cycle being repeated and formed the Ministry of Product to help visionaries get there idea produced efficiently.


How much do we cost?

As a consultant

We charge $160/hour to provide coaching for helping you refine your idea. This might take only a couple hours a month. You will have your idea reviewed and be given simple homework assignments.  We will meet every few weeks to help you refine the idea. This ultimately will save you money with development costs since a well thought out idea is more efficient to build.  

As a dedicated product manager

We charge a monthly retainer of $10k/month per product. In this role we will keep the product moving forward. And yes, we design and code as well. If you choose to work with us in this aspect we charge $130/hour for development and design.

As an incubator

We build our own products as well and would be interested in involving investors. In this role we would trade $5k/month and for .5%/month of founder shares for the project of the month. If you are interested in this arrangement let’s talk and I am happy to give you a walk through of the different products we are working on.


We have very limited space so if you are interested please contact us today to see about our availability.


Matt Paulin

Author of "The Idea Is..." a book for turning ideas into companies.





Contact Us

Product Advice is Free

We love to learn and share what we know. Feel free to setup something with us and tell us your story. Even if we can't help you we are happy to put you in touch with someone who could.


Please note that we don’t have any salespeople. Everyone involved in Ministry of Product is a hands on professional. Because of that we like to make time for calls.

Please fill out this form so we can schedule a call together soon.

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How does this work?

It starts with a call to find out what you are trying to do and how far along you are.  We will also want a sense of your goals and any deadlines pushing it forward. Most importantly we want you to fill in the blanks to this sentence.

<product name>
Is a _____
For _______
That _____
Unlike ______
It Will  _____

After that many things could happen

  • We do a market analysis
  • We do a code analysis
  • We do visual design to give the idea color
  • We built a prototype to test the technology
  • We build a minimum viable product to test the market

Who owns the product?

You do. It’s your intellectual property.