We Build prototypes, manage products, and incubate businesses.



We Build prototypes, manage products, and incubate businesses.


Building a software product?

We build software prototypes

We can rapidly build android and iOS prototypes so that you can see your vision come to life. With these applications you can show them to investors or test them with users. Usually these cost between $15k and $60k depending on how complicated the product is. We excel at narrowing down your scope to keep the software costs manageable.

We do product coaching

Building a product requires you to think about the design, technology, and business all at the same time. We can help guide you through the process to give you a better thought out product. We charge $160/hour to provide coaching for helping you refine your idea. This might take only a couple hours a month. With regular meetings we can help you build your product in the most efficient an effective ways. 

We do product management

We charge a monthly retainer of $10k/month per product. In this role we will keep the product moving forward. And yes, we design and code as well. If you choose to work with us in this aspect we charge $130/hour for development and design.







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Product Advice is Free

We love to learn and share what we know. Feel free to setup something with us and tell us your story. Even if we can't help you we are happy to put you in touch with someone who could.


Please note that we don’t have any salespeople. Everyone involved in Ministry of Product is a hands on professional. Because of that we like to make time for calls.

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