What is the Ministry of Product?

The Ministry of Product is a community of talented developers, designers, and innovators who are passionate about the art-form of product creation. It is somewhere between an incubator and a self help group. Ultimately it boils down to a trello board, a slack channel, and some really great people.

Who is on in this group?

I limited the community to people that I have worked with in the past that I feel are genuine, dedicated, and passionate about their craft. I need to have worked on a project with you at one point to get a sense of this. Seeing how someone reacts when things aren’t going their way is part of the process.

How does it work?

Anyone can contribute a month sized project to the group so that others know what is in the backlog and can choose to participate.  It needs to have the following.

  1. A name that you have decided on and purchased a URL for.

  2. A goal that can be accomplished in one month. This should be enough to put in front of some end users and start to gather feedback.

  3. Make a card on our trello board and tell folks about it on slack.


Who owns the products?

If you build a project with us you need to use the Big Slice Small Slice (BS3) rules. This means that you are planning for multiple product build iterations with a period of operating it in the middle. If this isn’t what you are doing, you need to be very clear about that up front. My recommendations are to use BS3 to get the product to the point you are making money with the product and then everyone who is going to be part of it to still have a 3 year commitment to the project once the company launches.  Organize this as a share buyback.


Does MoP get a stake in every project?

NO, absolutely not. It is a facilitator and requires nothing from any of the members that they don’t want to freely contribute. Ownership comes from participation, so unless MoP is helping then there are no expectations.