Too Much Noise

There is a problem with comments on the internet. We can write anything, in any form, in any way we want. The reason this is a problem is that it can be hard to keep on the topic and have the conversation get to anything useful.

People distract, people use fallacies, they change the topic, they avoid sensitive topics, they interrupt because they want attention. This is just people and it prevents us from every getting to something of value in a conversation.

The problem gets worse when there are lots of us. Like at a meeting, or on matters of politics where we want to be heard.

Here at MoP we have been thinking about this a lot over the last couple months. What we want to introduce is a concept we are calling a structured conversation. You have seen this before. They are used in therapy with I Messages. In software engineering we have User Stories. As a kid you might have used Mad Libs. The trick is in limiting what we can say into a form that pushes the conversation forward.

You might ask, why is this important?

After we started thinking along these lines we have realized how powerful this can be in a group setting. Different patterns can be used to achieve different effects from a group; entertain, create, debate, and decide. But it all came down to the simple act of planning out how to setup the conversation and to find a way to visualize the end result.

Really this article is just a teaser for what we are working on in the background. Stay tuned as we release several products to toy with these concepts.

In the meantime, maybe you see patterns of conversation that are successful in helping teams focus? I would always be interested in these so feel free to contact us.