How does this work?

It starts with a call to find out what you are trying to do and how far along you are.  We will also want a sense of your goals and any deadlines pushing it forward. Most importantly we want you to fill in the blanks to this sentence.

<product name>
Is a _____
For _______
That _____
Unlike ______
It Will  _____

After that many things could happen

  • We could do a market analysis
  • We could do a code analysis
  • We could could do some design to give the idea some color
  • We could built a prototype to test the technology
  • We could build a minimum viable product to test the market



How much would I need to budget?

Advice is free so talk to us. But, if we want to take this further at least have $30,000 budgeted to pay for two month of our retainer plus some tactical marketing, development or design to get you to a two month goal. 


What are your hours of business?

We work on Pacific Coast Time from 9 am - 5 pm; Monday - Friday. Of course their are exceptions but we like those to be exceptional.