Does someone need to find you?

I bike and sometimes my spouse is looking for me. This involves a series of text message that make me suddenly have to stop and tell her my location. 

This app solved the problem. Now when she sends me the text message “@@?” my phone will send back my location as a link to google maps.

There are many directions we can go with this but this is the most minimum version. The only safety check is that the originator needs to be a contact in my contact list to get the location back.

This is an open source project and I’m happy to have contributors. The code is stores on github here : https://github.com/paulin/atat

NEWS: As of October 8, 2018 Google has decided to pull all applications related to SMS. Which means that this app is no longer available on Google Play. I am currently working on releasing it via the Amazon app store.

To use the Amazon app store you will need to go here


Send questions here: atat@ministryofproduct.com