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Level 3: Prototyped

Decision Maps

The process of making decisions is flawed...

How many meetings have you been to where the group intents to make a decision? Instead this happens.

  • Everyone vents, no one listens
  • Brainstorming is dominated by a central character
  • The quite people never have a chance to contribute
  • There is no structure
  • Ultimately, a decision is made and after a month no one can remember why

We want to solve this. We believe that with a simple process a team can generate a decision map which will show all the options and consequences. Once a decision is made this map can be revisited by the team to remember why they are doing what they are doing.

How far along is this idea?

We have have built some simple prototypes but need to take a few months to really focus on it and produce something we can test with teams.


Why this idea?

It is fundamental to solve this problem so that our society can advance. In the future we should at least remember why certain decisions were made so that we know what we are undoing when we change them.