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Level 4: Beta Testing


Developed by artists that do house shows for a living. This application helps find hosts, and sell tickets so that artist get paid fast.


As you drive across America you can explore the roots of music. Learn about where iconic songs were written, played, and recorded. Find out where songwriters had their most important moment.


FocusUp makes you more efficient. Plan your day, track your plan, get results all through a super usable mobile application.



It started when...

We were working on a startup idea called Chirpsy. It was a twitter ghost writer service that would make new tweets for users. The problem was that we then had to generate twitter tweets. We decided to use Amazon's Mechanical Turk Service and have workers around the world do it for us.

Then we found the real problem. How do you manage all of these folks to make sure you get quality results? It was a very big problem because it simply didn't scale to review every workers work.

My co-founder, Isaac Nichols, had an idea. It involved having the workers grade each other and level up. Based on level, they would be able to do more and make more money. It took us several years and several iterations but ultimately we produced a system that managed more than 500,000 tasks with very high quality results.  The best part was that we did not have to manage them.

So why can't this same proven methodology be used for high skilled tasks? We want to take this same system and apply it to high skilled tasks. Instead of simple data review tasks, we can have architect, doctors, and lawyers do complex high skilled tasks. It can be done in private company databases, it can be run to manage overseas workforces. It is the most scalable way to manage work.


Why this idea?

This makes work simpler for companies and employees. It allows a latent workforce of stay at home professionals to participate. Ultimately it make the world a better place by separating employment from your career. We see a future where you select tasks, get paid, and grow your reputation. This advancement removes the waste that we have grown accept in the way we do jobs.