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AtAt is an open source project that allows you to build an SMS based app to remotely request the location of a phone.


Developed by artists that do house shows for a living. This application helps find hosts, and sell tickets so that artist get paid fast.


As you drive across America you can explore the roots of music. Learn about where iconic songs were written, played, and recorded. Find out where songwriters had their most important moment.


FocusUp makes you more efficient. Plan your day, track your plan, get results all through a super usable mobile application.


StepOff is a team game for friends with step trackers. Form a team, find other teams to compete against. The games start in Monday and end on Sunday. Most steps win!

Sundial Survey

Sundial will let you privately track your own behavior using your google account. Simply create a google form and then use Sundial to remind you to fill it out. It’s your data, we just help you collect it.