Idea Society


"An idea is salvation by imagination" - Frank Lloyd Wright

As creative people we want to invest our time to build good products, good businesses, and to improve the world. We recognize that the discipline of product development is a creative process that requires the coordination of multiple specialist. It is an artform that must be practiced in much the same way as a martial art. It requires knowledge across a variety of skill set.

The Idea Society's mission is to enable creative people to turn ideas into profitable products. 

Our vision is for contributors to invest their time in the most efficient way to build the most valuable products possible.  The goal is that the contributors would then collect a monthly dividend based on the efforts they contributed earlier in the life of the product. If the product is sold later than the profits from the sale are distributed by percent to the members.

It is through the following process and techniques we strive to allow for this society to form. There are three main components.

  1. Community: A slack channel community of other like minded individuals interested in working on these products as a team.
  2. Product Pipeline: A structured process that we have agreed on as the necessary levels for judging the maturity of a product.
  3. Slice Accounting: A dynamic ownership model that allows contributions to be made in exchange for percentages of ownership.